End of Weekend Update (July:W2)

*Yawn…* still waking up from the weekend.

  • Quick Update
  • Website Related
  • Game Development
  • Tools Development
  • Documentation

Quick Update

  • French Localization for Tower of Five Hearts is under testing at Eroges.com! Look forward to it!
  • The Couch Update for Android Scheduled for this week
  • The Little Black Bestiary: “A Dragon’s Treasure” update is available now on itch.io!

Web-site related

So a majority of the formatting was discussed on how the game pages should look and feel (thanks to Sommelier from Venus Noire). The backgrounds on the pages for mobile have been modified to use repeat-y to ensure that mobile users get a background while scrolling through these pages.

Game Development

This week like the weeks before are going to be hectic. Will need to finish and conclude work for Dystopian Project on Claire’s Quest, and due to me not being able to concentrate very long on a single thing, I’m probably going to have to draw out the inventory then walk through and see how RPG Maker MV will handle it (usually it doesn’t and I end up brute forcing the damn thing anyways).

Jessika’s Curse is looking forward to a Town, Inventory and Equipment update by the end of this month. As of today it is past the middle of the month and the deadline is looming, sometimes I wonder who’s going to die of exhaustion first, me or Sommy. Anywho, look forward to the next video as last update was the Lust system and due to Seeds of Chaos updates I was reluctant to post on an adult streaming site since it required me to make a SFW version for Youtube and an uncensored version to cover that update.

The first combat prototype for SelectaCorp just came out last Friday. You can download a copy here if you’re a backer for their game. Currently the combat is “Risk”-like but will soon be updated to join the fray of mainstream 4x games with lewd content.

Lastly for external development, Yulia’s Saga is underway using Game Maker Studio 2. This is a SFW production so it’ll probably make some headway in the SFW production side of MMIS. At the time, this is the most comprehensive indie project that we’re undertaking due to planning, paperwork, and the staff members involved to work on this project. Look forward to it!

Tools Development

There’s not much to say so here’s a breakdown (forgive the abbrev.):

  • Entity Manager C++, C#, and GML. Will be usable in Unity3D and Gamemaker Studio 2 (not tested for GMS).
  • Data Import/Export for GMS2.
  • Dungeon Biome creator for JC (Unity) and YS (GMS2)
  • Tile based combat system for 4x (SaC).


There are several documentation from clients that we’ll be reviewing in order to break down and make easier to read for production. We’re taking some great time and lengths in order to transcribe these documentation from text documents into diagrams, tables, mockups, and task lists.

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