Dying and Waiting MiNT's inner turmoil

So I just came off of a near 40 hour marathon session in working and completing. Have a headache, sore throat, and some cold symptoms. Then I realized that I needed to clean up the office after such a long task, sure it was “ok” at best.

Later I get on a phone call with Skyninja to attempt to finalize the web-version of the site, not necessarily the mobile version as of yet. There’s still some kinks to the site but I guess some of these issues will be fleshed out over time.

On another note, Sacb0y is over at the office to work today. I did offer Cypress that I would punch him so he can’t leave and get his work done. That cat refused and Sacb0y somehow sorta/kinda fixed the dev blog section. After we have it down I’ll probably make more posts about the daily misadventures of avoiding work and responsibilities.

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