October 3, 2018 Update

Update Overview

  • Tech Upgrades
  • Combat UI Update
  • Theme Update
  • Known Issues / Misc


“It’s your duty, to stick it to that booty.”

Tech Upgrades

Military Tech Panel is now open for the War Upgrades (Units). It can be accessed on the bottom left of the world view window.

Note: Tech Template now completed.

  •  War Category will be complete in Completed in Second October Hotfix
  •  Social and Diplomacy Update will be introduced in November’s Update once the Ministry system is flushed out.

Theme Update

Top Resource and City Overview panel now matches the color palette and theme. 

Temporary Icons were added to replace the X, Y, A, B images.

Combat UI Update

Unit upgrades are reflected on the unit focus window. They are not added to the base value however represented in green text of what the changes are. In the future negative values will be reflected with red text.

Known Issues / Misc

  • Added Volume control in Settings on top right.
  • Sticky Selection: Units will not deselect themselves causing the player to click on a city or other tiles they may not want the unit to move to.
  • City Category and Utility Category Construction does not work. (Scheduled for October Hotfix)
  • When attacking and defeating a unit, the attacking unit will inherit the space of the unit being defended. (At the same time this made me realize that if a city unit attacks they’ll swap places too, oops. Scheduled for October Hotfix)
  • There may be issues with the map legend as that was not thoroughly tested.