Spoils of War2: Primeval Twilight 8/11 Update


  • Demo Scenario
  • New Combat System
  • Music
  • Disabled Content
  • Known Issues

Demo Scenario

You’ve landed on the Jernberg island and the forces are awaiting orders on the shore ready for full scale invasion!

This update will focus on the new combat system.

New Combat System

Units now appear on screen and are interactive on the world map!

Assaulting: Previously the Combat System entailed just clicking on the city and allocating the number of units desired to attack. Now the it’s determined by the unit selected to attack the city.

Raid: Currently raiding a city have a 50/50 chance of being successful. Upon success the player will be allocated resources into their resource pool however if failed the player will be ambushed and sustain damage from the defending unit. 


Background music was added to the game. Volume can be adjusted in the settings options in the Game Overworld.

Disabled Content

The following windows are currently disabled due to the changes in the system. The will be reinstated once the adjustments are finished.

  • Ministers
  • Priority
  • Detention
  • Seraglio
  • Provincial
  • Status
  • Political
  • War
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Social
  • Technology
  • Justice
  • Propaganda
  • Interior

War Room Unit Purchasing: This will be re-enabled when we balance the unit cost and stats to match the current combat system.

Raid: Currently raiding a city have a 50/50 chance of being successful. 

Known Issues/Bugs

  • When dragging while a unit is selected, the unit may move if dragging on a valid move tile
  • After destroying a unit on a city. Player will automatically claim the city without the unit moving on the city.
  • Due to balancing of the game and no valid spawn points. Unit purchases is currently disabled.
  • After victory, the units are still interactable through the victory window.
  • The game starts at Turn 0. (Will fix next update)